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Conditions of Sale


1. Prices 
All prices shown in the bookshop are in Pounds sterling, and supersede prices announced by IDS in previous catalogues. We reserve the right to change the price of any item listed, without previous notice. 

2. Availability 
Every effort has been made to provide accurate information on the availability of items listed in the IDS bookshop. However, since titles may go out of print, or their publication be delayed, we cannot guarantee the availability of any item listed in the IDS bookshop. 

3. Order Cancellations 
Orders for items not yet despatched may be cancelled at any time, without penalty. 

4. Data Protection Act 
Under the provisions of the Data Protection Act of 1984, all UK customers of the IDS Virtual Bookshop have the right to know what personal information is held about them on our computer database - our staff will be pleased to advise you. Occasionally, we are asked to pass on customer addresses to other publishers or development organisations, in order for them to send you information. If you would prefer that your details were not passed on, please tick the opt-out box when you fill in your delivery details. 

5. Internet Security 
Every effort has been made to ensure the security of online Bookshop transactions, and the secure credit card payment option is designed with this specifically in mind. However, we cannot accept liability for the theft of personal data on the Internet.