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Frequently asked Questions


Q. What if I want to abandon my order? 
A. If you change your mind and want to abandon your order, go to the checkout and click the Cancel order button. This empties your shopping basket and returns you to the bookshop home page. 

Q. If I leave the bookshop and come back later will I lose my order? 
A. Any items in your shopping basket will remain in the basket for as long as your browser session is active. You may leave the bookshop and come back later without losing the contents of your basket. However, your shopping basket will be emptied automatically after 24 hours. 

Q. How do I find the items I want in the bookshop? 
A. You can search the bookshop catalogue by title, author, keyword, subject category or series. Click on Search in the Links box. 

Q. How do I pay for my order? 
A. You can pay with a credit/debit card or by cheque. See Payment Options for more details . 

Q. What if the book I have ordered isn't available? 
A. See Conditions of Sale 

Further details on IDS publications, and a free publications catalogue, are available from the Bookshop.